Maths mate sheet 7 term 1

Question 22: Draw the missing figure.

Maths Mate Sheet 7 Empty

Predict: I thinks this will be about patterns.

Clarify: Nothing

Find the big picture: What shape fits the pattern.


1. First I found out that it would have to have a triangle body because each line needs a square oval and triangle.

2. Then I worked out that it’s arms had to be straight because each line needs arms pointing down, up and straight.

3. The head and legs are all the same and that works!.


100 WC week 28

My mother always said to me that i should always keep my chin up, so i did. I always would love her. Every night when she got home I would run up to her  and hug her.

I grew up to be a teenager and my mother grew up to become older.

I came to visit her one day. I sat by her bed. He said to me i love you and became weaker and weaker. He passed away not long a go. I sat by his coffin,  but I thought I had enough time… To say goodbye. The end.

Spelling Week 9 group 2

My words:

Economy, Election,  Faction, Fisheries ,Foreign, Forestry, Freedom, Gambling and Industry.


Week 8

Activity One:                                                                                                                         Write a paragraph using  5 list words. Make the paragraph interesting to the reader; remember word choice as a trait to embellish your  paragraph.

Mark owns a forestry where the trees and the grass is greener and the birds have freedom. The forestry can get a lot of animals and nature. But one day there was a fire and the fire burnt the hole forestry down. 1 month went and Mark wanted to buy it back but he had an opponent who wanted to turn the forestry in to a casino with a lot of gambling  so they had an election and Mark got the  industry.


Activity Two:

Use a dictionary to assist you to formulate the meaning of 5 list words


Economy – The state of a country or region in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services and the supply of money.

Freedom – the power or right to act, or think as one wants.

Gambling – play games for the chance to win money

Faction – A small organized dissenting group within a larger one, especially In  politics

Industry – Economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture od goods in factories.

Activity Three:

Proof reading: rewrite this paragraph with the correct spelling included.

The state government spends its funds through  a series  of deparmtns(departments), each of which provide serivses(services) for the public. Each departmeant (department) is reposnible (responsible) to a cabinet minister, but has a pernaement (permanent) head as well. This permanaet(permanent)  head is a senior public servnet(servant) , who usually hold his or her position for many years. On the other hand, the Cabnet (cabinet) ministers change from time to time, usually as a result of an electsions(elections).


Activity    Four:    Prefixes    and    Suffixes

a. Find at    least    three    words    that    use    the    prefixes    and    suffixes    below:

Prefix /suffix   Example   Example 1   Example 2   Example 3
Un-  underneath under unable Unacceptable
Multi-  multistorey multicultural multiply Multiplication
Over- oversubscribed overhead overarm Overboard
Super-  supermarket super superman superannuation
Ish –  Selfish fish fishy Ticklish
less – worthless careless helpless needless
 er – quicker Stronger faster timer

100 WC Week#27

I think I would be a great zookeeper because I can sword fight and can kill them and protected the animals with my life. I also went to Hogwarts and got a degree in invisibility, time travelling and a degree in general magic so I can use my magic on the Nilths and if they take away one of the animals I can just go back in time and stop the Nilths from taking the animals away in to the dark world with no imagination and creativity. Also I can have fun with animals and teach them new tricks.

Maths mate term 1 sheet 6


Finding the numbers that add to the three other numbers.


Enter numbers in the circles so that the numbers on each line equal the sum of the numbers at each end.


Enter the numbers in the circle s at each end.


Firstly the numbers are 12, 18 and 18 so this would be easy because 6 + 6 = 12 and 12 + 6 = 18. And now we have the right answer.

Spelling Week 8

Week 8 Activity one:

Write a paragraph using 5 list words. Make the paragraph interesting to                the reader remember word choice as a trait                to embellish your paragraph.

The detectives were on a case trying to find Hitler the dictator, meanwhile the detectives went to the departments of police. At one of the departments there was the democrats. They seemed busy so the detectives moved onwards. One of the detectives saw Hitler running with a bag that looked heavy, so the detective ran after him the detective was close so he jumped on to Hitler and he caught Hitler, but the detective dismissed him.

Activity Two:

Use a dictionary                to assist you to formulate the meaning of 5 list  words.

Dismissed – To be free to leave

Drainage – The sewer

Dictator – A person that leads with cruelness

Detectives – People who try and solve an investigation

Democrats – A group or organisation in politics

Activity Three:

Make the word in brackets mean more than one. Write the correct sentence.

a. I peeled all of                the potatoes and out them in the pan. (potato)

b. We have two                pianos at home. (piano)

c. We watched  in awe as the two volcanos erupted. (volcano)

d. The dogs chased the three kangaroos across the paddock. (kangaroo)

e. I cut  up all of the tomatoes and put them in the salad. (tomato)

f. The heroes who rescued the children were awarded medals. (hero)

g. We took lots of photos at the wedding. (photo)

h. All the frightened buffaloes stampeded across the plain. (buffalo)

Activity Four:

Tricky letter sounds:

The “ine” in “wine” sounds differently when used in words like “engine” and “sardine”.

Write each of the following words in its correct column.

Define Fine Line Mine
Routine Guillotine Vaccine Vine
Genuine Medicine Dine Famine
Cuisine Nectarine Machine Spine

“ine” as in “wine” “ine” as in “engine” “ine” as in “sardine”

“ine” as in “wine” “ine” as in “engine” “ine” as in “sardine”
Define Genuine Routine
Fine Cuisine Guillotine
Line Medicine Nectarine
Mine Famine Vaccine
Vine Machine


100WC week 26

Sophie had big imagination and big ideas like on Monday she imagined that her dad was a shark when they went swimming but her brother, Jake, was trouble and he wanted Sophie to think that there house is haunted. Jake started by putting cameras in the roof corners. One night Sophie was so scared because she saw a ghost. Sophie screamed.Her mum and dad rushed in the room, then she had felt something on her head then when she went to look up she said ” look up. Can you see! then her brother came in laughing and he told them what was going on


Finding the numbers that add to the three other numbers.


Enter numbers in the circles so that the numbers on each line equal the sum of the numbers at each end.


Enter the numbers in the circle s at each end.


Firstly I saw the numbers 17, 15 and 20 and I knew that 6+9=15 so I put that down and I knew that 9+8=17 so I just put the 8 down and now there’s just one spot left and so I put 11 because 8+11=20 and so I put the 11 down and that works!

100wc week#25

As jasmine was wounding around her old house looking for something adventurerest and something she would use and like, but when she went in her basement she went frozen as if she was a statue just glancing off in to the distance but Jasmine wasn’t looking in the distance, oh on she wasn’t, she in fact was looking at an adventurerest but almost broken ,strange looking box. Nothing could stop her from her frozen pasition. Day and night she stood there in disbelief. Her mum and dad got worried because every time they would try to get her to move she would push them away, but one day jasmine moved towards the box but when she lifted the lid…





Spelling week 7

Week 7 – activity 1

Write homophones for the following words eg air – heir

A. allowed-aloud              B. bare-bear             C. barren-baron           D.bury-berry

E.boar-bore          F.boader-border            G.bridal-bridle            H.caught-caught

Activity 2

Use a dictionary to assist you to formulate of 5 lists words.

Criminals: Criminals is word for a person that has done some thing really bad for example: That man kidnapped my child.

Councils: A group of people that decided on matters which relate to certain place’s for example : Moonee valley city council.

Copyright: To have exclusive right’s to material for example : No one can copyright my book.

Currency: A system of money in a particular country for example : Dollar’s and notes is the currency for Australia.

Conference: To share your work with some other people and they will tell you what you can improve on.

Activity Three
Carefully proofread the following paragraph and rewrite the passage correctly.

That night, when it was dark, they quietly crept along and go on the ship’s deck.
Everyone was two busy to notice them. By and by they cam to a black, stare hole,
and down they crept by a ladder what was in it. They found a lower deck after
they had gone down a little way, and had just stepped onto it when the hole was
covered over

Activity Four 

Make the word in brackets mean more than one. Write the correct sentence.
a. There are two chiefs in this tribe. ( chief)
b. We cut the oranges into halves .(half)
c. The police arrested the three thieves. ( thief)
d. The baker gave me seven loafs bread. (loaf)
e. The men and their wife’s are touring on the Gold Coast. (wife)                                                                                                                                            f. We stacked the books on the two bottom shelf. (shelf)                                                                                                                                                           g. The wolves were driven off by the noise of the guns.(wolf)                                                                                                                                               h. We swept up all the fallen leaves in the garden. (leaf)