Two types of graphs

 Line graph.

If you were unhealthy would you sleep,eat healthy or excursive?

Strengths:It tell’s you the right amount of  votes.

Weakness:If it’s under 4  it does not show

Donut graph.

Which food do you think is the healthy’s?Pizza, subway, McDonald, Red rooster, fish and chips and KFC.

Strength:You know which one is the one has the most votes.

Weakness:If you have 1 vote it does not show.





Pie graph.

If someone had a tummy ache what would you give them out of Medic —en,Excursive,Water or Diet.




Today’s Math’s Goal

To continue to develop my understanding of the strategies in the  Mathematicans Toolbox.


Today we did Dominoes with nine spotsThe problem was hard a easy to stumble on. This problem was confusing and I didn’t understand it properly. I think that this problem could of been clearer in writing. This problem got more and more easy as Amelia and I reached it more. 

Amelia and I went pretty good at the start but when we got more in to it and understand it more we got a close answer of 57 to 55.




Problem Solving: “Jelly Bean Box”

Predict: I predict this problem will be using numbers, addition, and multiplication.


Read: To read click link


Clarify: Nothing to clarify


What’s the BIG question: “How many jelly beans are in the whole box?”


Strategies: “Write a sum or number sentence”


Solving procedure: First i had to find out how many compartments there where and I counted them and there were 36 and 3 jelly beans inside of the compartments so i did 36×3 which equals 108 and then i had to do 108×2=216.