100WC Week#22

Wondering through the woods is Hannah seeking advnetuer. As she walks her eyes cought attention to the sign ‘Be carfull what you wish for’ but she wasn’t being wise. She went closer and closer to the sign but as she went closer and closer the sign diserpared more and more but a magical golden house. Hannah ran closer and closer when she reaconized the house. She started to clime up. She was starting to think that the ledg wasn’t going to end but when she least expected it the ledg stopped the golden house was right in front of her. She walked and never came out.


100 WC week#23

Two little girls, Jasmine and Sarah, running through the woods seeking for adventure, when they came across an elderly women. ” Go back. If you keep going you will have to work for ten years and find a crescent moon in the center of the earth.” Jasmine and Sarah didn’t listen. They wanted to find more information on this crescent moon.

The two girls ran deeper in the woods. ” Where’s the guy that were working for?”Sarah said “I’m starting to think that that lady is crazy!”” I think that we should start to dig down to the center of the earth.

100WC week 12- Letter in a bottle

Dear the children of the Philippines,

I have heard about the typhoon and i’m upset that children like you have to go through with this and I hope that this will give you hope. I understand your sad for losing the people you love and losing your hope so this is a bottle to raise you happiness. I have told other people about this tragedy and there donating money to support you and the other children and I will be helping by donating money to World vision who helps the countries that are poor so I’m helping.

Best Wishes Rebecca,