100WC week 34

” I’m scared” Jasmine said “Me too” said Aubrey. “Can you see a way out?” “Na.” “Oh No. His coming again.” “Where? I don’t see. On No, now I see!”        “RUN!!” “Nooo, Aubrey!!” Jasmine said. “YOU SCARY GHOST!!!! YOU KILLED MY BEST FRIEND!!! Oh, okay, I’ll start running.” “I’m freaking out here, wait there’s no-one there.” KA-BOOM!!!. What now. Jasmine thought to her-self. What!! The ghost is throughing fire bomb’s at me. Oh no, I wish there was a way out of here, but where could I go? Jasmine said to her-self “OUCH, I’v been shot!!”


I want Lucy to have a healthy and  safe life she needs to go to school! Imagine not  being able to understand the world as we no it. Not being able to read, write ,and understand the world! All we need to do is give her the right to go to school. We could send a bus to her so she would not have to walk. But if we can solve really big problems in our world we can solve this one so we can give Lucy chance

Maths mate


I predict that this question will be about problem solving.


34_ + 247+1_7 = _41

Whats the BIG question? –

What goes in the gap to make the problem correct.


I tried all different answers. Once I got an answer that was close I kept going in till I got this- 347 + 247 + 147 = 741


In summary I tried all different sums int ill I got this one-347 + 247 + 147 = 741!


100 WC week #32 term 2

I was walking out of the airport in Paris and ready see famous buildings, sight’s, the Mona Lisa and the famous Eiffel Tower.

After putting my bags away I was on my way to the Eiffel Tower. When we got there I was  greeted with bonjour. There was a lot of people from different countries with there language I couldn’t under – stand. After enjoying the view I went to a restaurant and sat down. I called for a waiter and when he came some of the words sounded like a foreign language and I couldn’t under – stand a word he said.

100 wc week #31 term 2

It was a normal day at home as I headed towards the kitchen to find something to eat because I was really hungry, as I  into the kitchen I walked over to the cupboards and had a look to see what i could have for a snack and then suddenly out of nowhere a monster jumped out at me and grabbed me and pulled me into the box of biscuits. as I was pulled down the long windy tunnel of colour  i could not imagine what was at the other end but just as I reached the bottom my vision went black and I woke up the next day ling on the floor.

maths mate sheet 2 term 2

Question: two compasses cost as much as three protractors. how much are six protractors if one compass is $3.

Predict: i predict this question will be a brain teaser.

Clarify: i have noting to clarify.

Find the big question: how much do 6 protractors cost?

Solution: i worked it out by using the picture and just doubling the amount of protractors and my answer was $12.

Summary: i thought that i did pretty well with this question but I did take time to understand and then when i understood it was quite easy for me.