100 WC week#23

Two little girls, Jasmine and Sarah, running through the woods seeking for adventure, when they came across an elderly women. ” Go back. If you keep going you will have to work for ten years and find a crescent moon in the center of the earth.” Jasmine and Sarah didn’t listen. They wanted to find more information on this crescent moon.

The two girls ran deeper in the woods. ” Where’s the guy that were working for?”Sarah said “I’m starting to think that that lady is crazy!”” I think that we should start to dig down to the center of the earth.

One thought on “100 WC week#23

  1. Hi, well done for entering the 100WC this week, there were over 1300 entries!
    What I like about your writing…
    A wide range of punctuation used; , . ” ” ! ?.
    Use of vocabulary; seeking, elderly, crescent moon.
    One little thing…Remember to include the 100WC prompt in your writing.
    Well done and keep writing. 🙂
    Mrs Tucker (100WC Team) Wirral, UK.

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