100WC Week#22

Wondering through the woods is Hannah seeking advnetuer. As she walks her eyes cought attention to the sign ‘Be carfull what you wish for’ but she wasn’t being wise. She went closer and closer to the sign but as she went closer and closer the sign diserpared more and more but a magical golden house. Hannah ran closer and closer when she reaconized the house. She started to clime up. She was starting to think that the ledg wasn’t going to end but when she least expected it the ledg stopped the golden house was right in front of her. She walked and never came out.


Proceeds of crime

3 Recalls 

1.crime doesn’t pay

2. there is an Australian law to stop people smuggling drugs

3. punishment pays the prices

2 Understandings 

1. here in Australia you will never get away with a crime clean .

2.if you rob a bank punishment will pay those prices

1 Question

1. what do the  proceeds of crime mean?

100 WC week#23

Two little girls, Jasmine and Sarah, running through the woods seeking for adventure, when they came across an elderly women. ” Go back. If you keep going you will have to work for ten years and find a crescent moon in the center of the earth.” Jasmine and Sarah didn’t listen. They wanted to find more information on this crescent moon.

The two girls ran deeper in the woods. ” Where’s the guy that were working for?”Sarah said “I’m starting to think that that lady is crazy!”” I think that we should start to dig down to the center of the earth.

Maths Mate Team 1 Sheet# 2 Problem

Question 23:  Fill in the missing digits, given that no digits is repeated.

Predict: i predict that this will be about digits and finding the right digits.

Clarify: No clarification

Find the big picture: Fill in the missing digits


1. Firstly, 7+?=9 witch is 2. Then I tried 5 + 8 =  13 then I carried the 1 and the new question ,for the last question, is 2 + 4 =6

Summary: The strategy I used to solve this problem was to use my knowledge in problem solving


Maths mate, Team 1 Sheet#1 Problem 1

Question 23: Which two weights need to be swapped to balance the scales?

Predict: I think this problem is a number based problem. I predict I will need to use addition and subtraction.

Clarify: balance – each side needs to be equal/even weight.

Find the big picture: Swap 2 weights so both sides weigh the same.


1. I added both sides to see how much each side weighed. I found that the LHS weighed 15kg and the RHS weighed 12kg. I  swapped 9kg with 7kg. The LHS now weighs 14kg and the RHS weighs 14kg. Both sides now balance.

Summary: The strategy I used to solve this problem was the Guess, Check and Improve method.