Maths mate:Term 3 – Sheet 5

Predict: I predict this is going to be about problem solving using letters.

Question: In the addition problem shown, the letters A,B and C stand for different digits.  If  D= 6 what number does A,B and C  stand for.

Big Question: What digits are the letters?

Strategies: Guess, check and improve.

Question: A B C + A B C = C D D

Solving: First I read the question out loud to my self to get a good understanding of the question.

Then I started to guess on what C could be. I made C 3 and added them to get 6 so I thought that will be right. Then I started to think what B would be. I tried 2 but 2 doubled would be 4. Then I asked for help and my dad suggested 8 and checked it but I thought that it wasn’t right. So 8 + 8 is 16 then I realized that to take 1 and put it on top of the A witch would make 3.

Answer: A =1, B =8 and C =3

My Proposal: Barry James Marshall

Who: Barry James Marshall.

Why: We decided to work on him because we wanted to work on some one that we haven’t worked on, when we looked on his profile his work looked interesting and he was a physician and we wounded what is a physician.

Team: Rebecca and Astrid

How: By two hosts a cue cards power point and informational booklets.
Barry James Marshall

Problem Pictures: “Jelly Bean Box


I predict that this will be about adding and multiplying.


Each compartment in this box contains six jelly beans of the same flavor. They are arranged in two layers of three beans. There is a different flavor in each compartment.How many different flavors are there in the box? How many beans are there altogether?Jelly beans are sold in “40 official flavors . Suppose that the jelly bean company asks you to design a similar box that could hold all 40 flavors. Is this possible?


Nothing to clarify.


Use my prior knowledge.


Firstly I started to find out how many flavors were in the box. To work out this all  I did was go 3×12 because there are 3 down and 12 across. If you times them together that will tell you the answer. 3×12=36. That means there are 36 flavors. Next it asks how many beans are altogether. To work out how many jelly beans are all together you would go 36×6 because there are 36 flavors and 6 flavors in one compartment. 36×6=216. That means there are 36 flavors and 216 jelly beans. For the last question it is possible you can make a box of 4×10 which is similar.

Summary: I found it a easy to do this question and I found that the first question was easier.


















Two types of graphs

 Line graph.

If you were unhealthy would you sleep,eat healthy or excursive?

Strengths:It tell’s you the right amount of  votes.

Weakness:If it’s under 4  it does not show

Donut graph.

Which food do you think is the healthy’s?Pizza, subway, McDonald, Red rooster, fish and chips and KFC.

Strength:You know which one is the one has the most votes.

Weakness:If you have 1 vote it does not show.





Pie graph.

If someone had a tummy ache what would you give them out of Medic —en,Excursive,Water or Diet.




5/6 sport and Excursive – Zumba

Zumba is a fun, active activity where you can get fit in a studio or your own room.

We did Zumba with a teacher named Sendea. She’s really good . We did active dancing to gangnam style by PSY, Run by Bruno mars and 2 other good songs.  I liked some of the dance moves and the other ones I think were wired.  Some of  the moves were hard and some were easy. I think this really made me come out of my comfort zone.

Term 2 Project Reflection

Three facts I found interesting and surprising:

That lung cancer attacks the cells organs and tissue.

That one lung is bigger then the other

That your trachea narrows or blocked and not caged up

Two understandings I now have

1. That Emphysema is a Diseases and not a condition

2. That its not just if you smoke you get lung cancer but if you inhalation you can also get

One wondering I still have is:

Can this system have a blow up and if can how can you stop it.

What were the most important things I learnt?

What this system can do how it dose it. Where this system is. The parts of this system and where they are.

How did I learn it?

I learnt it by using the internet and reading heaps of books

What am I going to do with what I have learnt?

 I’m going to use this information when some one asks me or when I see some that I know who is smoking and tell then why they shouldn’t be smoking.

Today’s Math’s Goal

To continue to develop my understanding of the strategies in the  Mathematicans Toolbox.


Today we did Dominoes with nine spotsThe problem was hard a easy to stumble on. This problem was confusing and I didn’t understand it properly. I think that this problem could of been clearer in writing. This problem got more and more easy as Amelia and I reached it more. 

Amelia and I went pretty good at the start but when we got more in to it and understand it more we got a close answer of 57 to 55.




What do we know about Australia before the British came?

People have being living in  Australia for  maybe about 40,000-60,000 years now.

Australia has 2 major Indigenous groups – Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, the oldest continuous cultures in the world. They came from Indonesia .Aboriginals ,by a boat, came to Australia and settled in. They were hunting, fishing and by the end they were gathering food. Each different tribe had there different languages or they spoke there many different languages.