Term 4 maths project reflection

Matilda and I reached our goal of making a 3D box building in term 4. We made it by good term work and by fantastic materials. The shipping container, me and my group thought, was 2 by10 but it was actually 12.25m 2.48 m. Frame of reference: We use our feet to measure. We ended up with 3 by 10.

The important things we learnt were Team work gets the job done,A bit of help is OK,Taking time gets the important jobs done,A little bit of details are good and most important thing is HAVING FUN.

I coulden’t make the correct things be correct but now I can.

I thought that this project will be easy at some times and hard others but it was the complet opposite.

A woundering I am left with.

I am wondering about if  Matilda and I got all the corrections right.