Reflection & Refraction


Reflection occurs when light bounces off objects.  How much reflection depends upon how even the surface is.  If the surface is rough, the light scatters.  If the surface is smooth and flat, the light will bounce off it at equal angles.  That is why a flat mirror reflects a good likeness of the object being reflected.

Look at the diagrams below.  Notice the angles at which the rays of light strike the surfaces.

Light Reflection

Refraction occurs because light bends.  A lens is a piece of transparent material.  It is usually made of glass and has at least one curved surface. Look at the convex and concave lenses below.

Convex & Concave Lenses

The curved surface/surfaces of a lens bends the light.  Notice the paths of light of the convex and concave lenses shown below.

Convex Lens      Concave Lens


100 WC Week 9

I came inside from being in the pool, wet and cold. ” A piece of chocolate” I say. It smells so good. I check to see if  l am alone. No one’s coming so I eat it. Once it went down it started  to melt in my throat, “yummy” I said.  I wanted more and more so I started to search the kitchen until I found more.  Then I saw mum coming. I stopped searching and got off the table, jumped off chair and landed on my feet. Mum came in to the kitchen with a plate of brownies and l was able to eat somemore.”Yummy, yum, yummy, yum, yummy.”


Proof reading and editing checklist



I have included


I have

  • checked the spelling of any unknown words
  • not confused words that sound the same
  • used correct endings for plurals


I have included

  • a varity of different verbs
  • correct verb tenses (past, present, and future tenses) (verb tense activities 1, 2, 3)
  • suitable nouns (noun activities 1, 2, 3)
  • appropriate pronouns (pronoun activities 1, 2, 3)


I have read through my writing to check that

  • it makes sense
  • it is easy to understand
  • paragraphing is appropriate
  • there are no double negatives

(e.g. I am not going to buy no bananas)


For some proofreading practice try –


For more resources check out:

100 word challenge(Grandparent are important becaues)

Grandparents are important because they know more than our parents, they make me laugh, they are always on my side,  they are happy to see me, they are grumpy sometimes, they know about the olden days, they fart a lot and  they sleep on the couch while the t.v is on. They make yummy biscuits and cakes, they brush your hair. Also you wouldn’t be here if your grandparents  where never here becuaes  your grandparents create your parents but with out your grandparents your parents wouldn’t be here and that means you wouldn’t be here. That’s why Grandparents are so important.


100 word challenge(All i could see was two red eye’s)


I was trying to explain to the class what the i i mean’t in pirate talk, but i couldn’t explain it so I wrote it down for my teacher to explain it, but all I could see were two red i i’s which the teacher wrote on my story. I asked why did you highlight my two i’s red? My teacher said I highlighted it red because it was the best 100 word challenge story so far. I was very happy. I went to open the door, all I saw was two red eyes staring at me.I screamed.I was very scared.



When I got home the kitchen was messy.I left the dogs inside all day.


The food was everywhere.There was poo and wee was on the floor and the couch.The dinner and the meat was in the dogs stomach. Ice cream was on the floor but the dogs didn’t eat it.YAY.Dad brought dinner home.


What happened! I screamed.The food is everywhere. “Damn.””I must have accidently left the door open.” Well the dogs have pooed and weed on the floor and on the couch.”‘The ice cream is on the floor but the dog didn’t eat it.YAY.The lolly ball is tipped over.Lucky dad brought dinner home.

The End