About Me

Hi my name is Rebecca and this is about me

I like playing games and having fun.  If  im bored I’ll go nut’s. My favorite  color  is sky blue.

I like to play Net ball with friends. Net ball is my favorite sport because i like to throw the ball,  i like to catch the ball and i like to run around. I make good friend’s in my team and i enjoy having there company.

I love playing with my dog’s outside. My dog’s are stubborn but there good to play with. My dog’s have nickname’s . Scoop ‘s  nickname is fussy but some time’s Scoop’s  is fat and  Chelsea ‘s nick name is fat some time’s it’s fatter.

When my  family  and i are eating pizza i get annoyed because my brother always  eat’s the pizza i’m going to eat

I’m half Australian and half New Zealand. I have visited Auckland on the North island.The best thing about going to New Zealand is visiting my friends. The worst thing about leaving Australia is that  i’m leaving my friend’s.

My favorite thing to do is playing game’s , playing on the computer and playing outside.I like to watch T.V in my spare time.

I love to play with friend’s and when friend’s come over I enjoy  there company to.

That’s all about me.